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Our Values, Heritage, Vision & Mission

Empowering young families to lead healthy, meaningful, and productive lives

Rosalie Hall provides a comprehensive range of early intervention, prevention and treatment services meeting the needs of young families from Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Our Values

Rosalie Hall employees, counsellors, and volunteers work with the following core values in mind:

  • Mercy

  • Compassion

  • Non-judgment

  • Hospitality

  • Companioning

  • Non-Violence

  • Mutuality

Our Heritage 

Rosalie Hall shares in a heritage of more than 150 years of service by the Misericordia Sisters to young pregnant women, their children, and families. Serving Toronto and the surrounding regions since 1914.  We are part of an international family providing health and social services as a living expression of the compassionate mission of the Misericordia Sisters.

In Toronto in 1914, the Misericordia Sisters started the St. Mary's Infant Home on Bond Street for maternity and infant care of single women and their children. This later moved to Jarvis Street, where they also began St. Mary's Hospital. Primarily a maternity hospital, its services were expanded in 1925, to include medical and surgical service as well. In 1956, both the hospital and the home were moved to Scarborough and opened as the Scarborough General Hospital and Rosalie Hall.

The Misericordia Sisters believe that all young mothers deserve a safe, supportive, and welcoming home – and Rosalie Hall provides just that.   

Our Vision

Young women and men, their children and families leading healthy, meaningful and productive lives. 

Our Mission

Rosalie Hall, with compassion and respect, assists young parents in need and their children to realize their potential through the provision of a wide range of community, residential, educational and child development services.  

To learn more about our mission and values, please contact us today at 416-438-6880

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