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Parenting Groups 

Support and educational groups for parents

Rosalie Hall’s Parenting Group services include mandated parenting assistance programming, as well as art therapy, play therapy, parent coaching, and more. To get to know our group programs below:

Prenatal Education

Rosalie Hall offers an ongoing series of classes that help young women and their support people to prepare for birth. Topics include pregnancy, growth and development, preparation for labour and delivery, nutrition, child development, first weeks after the baby comes, and more. 

Young African American woman giving her baby a kissLiving and Learning with Baby

This parenting group addresses the transition to parenthood for parents with infants 0 to 9 months. Discussion focuses on increasing parent knowledge and sharing strategies to assist in the transition to parenthood.

"Me, My Baby Our World"

This is an interactive 12-week group that explores the attachment relationship between parent and child through play sessions with children, scrapbooking, collage work, and discussion. Child and parent will be videotaped for individual consultation and support. 

"Bounce Back and Thrive"

This interactive 10-week group identifies and helps families build resiliency skills - the ability to “bounce back” from difficult situations. 

Community Parenting Groups

These groups offer an opportunity to gain parenting knowledge and build skills. In Group, parents have the opportunity to participate in parent-child interaction as well as separate parent and child groups.

Open Art Studio

These weekly sessions are offered and guided by an art therapist. These sessions allow parents and pregnant youth to explore various art mediums and express their thoughts.

Baby Time

This interactive group supports young women in the development and enhancement of parenting skills. This group is usually delivered to clients in the Live-In Treatment program, but spaces are occasionally available for community participants.

For more information on our Parenting Groups, or to Get Started, please contact us today at 416-438-6880.

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