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Our Team

Board of Directors 2021


Vesna FiliplicVesna Filiplic

Vesna considers it an honour and a privilege to serve on the Rosalie Hall Board of Directors to support the mission and vision of the agency.  She is committed to ensuring the continuation of the agency’s values of compassion and respect so that recipients of Rosalie Hall’s programs and services are positively impacted for generations to come.

Vesna has been an educator for over 25 years.  She has worked in a variety of educational settings and in several leadership roles including equity and mental health committee work.  She is currently a high school principal.

Vesna is passionate about travel and loves to explore and appreciate new lands, cultures and traditions.

Vesna has chaired the Fundraising Committee, is on the Governance and Board Development Committee and is currently the Chair of the Rosalie Hall Board of Directors.


Susan Andrighetti Susan Andrighetti
Vice Chair

Susan became aware of the need for agencies like Rosalie Hall more than a decade ago when her 18-year-old son became a teenage parent.  Today her grandson is a joy in her life, being raised by her son who is now a university educated single parent, prospering in a professional career.  It was this experience that led her to the Rosalie Hall Board of Directors.  She is an enthusiastic supporter of the breadth of programs and services provided and a champion for the ongoing availability of them to young parents in the community.

Susan is an experienced financial services professional with a successful track record for fundraising.  Susan is an active member of The Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD). She provides her knowledge and skill in the areas of risk management, strategic thinking, and organizational change management to her role as a Director.   
Susan and her husband love to spend time at their chalet near Mont Tremblant where they enjoy skiing, cycling and walking in nature.

Susan is Vice Chair of the Rosalie Hall Board of Directors and is on the Governance and Board Development Committee.


Dianne WhittallDianne Whittall

Dianne’s relationship with Rosalie Hall began when she became a teacher in Rosalie Hall’s school program.  Dianne understood the merits of education as a means of empowering young women to develop knowledge, skills and confidence that could empower them to reach their potential and serve as positive role models for their children.  After retirement, Dianne joined the Board of Directors to contribute to the agency’s ongoing viability so that its programs and services would remain available.

Dianne has a keen interest in art and art history.  She enjoys several art and craft activities including drawing, painting, and quilting as well as taking brisk walks in her neighbourhood.

Dianne is the Chair of the Human Resources Committee



Catherine Clarke

Catherine Clarke 

Past Chair

Catherine has a graduate degree in Nursing and retired from a 42-year long nursing career in 2014 Catherine worked in a variety of roles during her 29 years with Toronto Public Health and prior to that, as a nurse at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto an d the Janeway Child Health Centre in St. John’s Newfoundland.  Families and children have been a constant focus throughout her professional life.

Catherine’s work involved management of staff and service delivery as well as opportunities to provide leadership in strategic planning and provincial program coordination initiatives.  Since retirement, she has been involved in community volunteering.  She recently became a Director of her condominium board.

Catherine is an avid quiltmaker.  She is a life-long learner who enjoys reading and outdoor activities, including cycling and hiking both locally and internationally, but her passion is her family. She especially loves to play with her grandson.

Catherine is a former Board Chair and is the Chair of the Governance and Board Development Committee.


Patrick Yip-ChuckPatrick Yip-Chuck

As a partner in a leading tax, audit and advisory services company, Patrick was encouraged to give back to his community.  It was important to him to find an organization on the front lines that made a direct and positive impact on the lives of families.  Rosalie Hall became his agency of choice.

Patrick brings his professional accounting knowledge and skills, as well as a broad strategic perspective to the Board.  He also is a member of the Rosalie Hall Foundation Board of Directors and provides a liaison function between the two entities.

Patrick has two grown children who were very active in elite level sports.  For many years, family life revolved around games and tournaments.  Patrick still enjoys travel with his family as well as fine dining.

Patrick is the Chair of the Rosalie Hall Finance Committee.


Stephanie WilliamsStephanie Williams
Mission Officer

Stephanie has volunteered with other organizations including her local parish.  She was familiar with Rosalie Hall and, when searching for opportunities to expand her volunteer, she chose to join the Board because of the agency’s faith-based legacy and its focus on young families.

Stephanie has worked in both print and online media and brings her marketing/promotion experience to the Board.  Her background in customer service and soliciting sales/donations is a valuable asset.

Stephanie enjoys swimming, cooking, and baking.  She is an avid reader with a keen interest in the study of human behaviour and spirituality.

Stephanie is a member of the Marketing and Fundraising Committee.


Riley PearsonRiley Pearson
Member at Large

Riley was introduced to Rosalie Hall by a contact who was a Director at the time.  As a young man, Riley was pleased to know that the agency provided services to fathers involved with their children.  As he learned about the breadth of programs and services provided, he knew he wanted to contribute to the difference Rosalie Hall makes in the lives of young parents and their children.

Riley brings experience in the field of recruitment and a general knowledge of Human Resource practice to the Board.  He also adds his perspective as a young adult and his facility with social media and has shown interest in contributing to the agency’s website development.

Riley is keenly interested in fitness and health, particularly mental health promotion.  He is interested in a career in health care and is pursuing further education to that end. 

Riley is a member of the Board Governance and Development Committee.


Angela GolkaAngela Golka
Member at Large

Angela is passionate about helping young families in her community to achieve their full potential in life.  Rosalie Hall provides her with an excellent opportunity to positively impact the lives of young parents and their children.

She is also a CPA and a professional project accountant. She serves in several volunteer capacities on other Boards to help them with their Finance and fund-raising activities. She also serves on the Finance Committee at her own parish.  Prior to starting her consulting business, she held several senior finance operational roles within the financial services industry and in the energy sector.  She provides expertise on strategy, finance, and information technology.  Her clients include the Treasury Board at the Province and several large financial organizations.  She has contributed to several major finance transformations within the Ministry of Finance.

When she is not volunteering, Angela loves to play golf and spend time at the cottage with                                                                                            her family and friends.

Angela is a member of the Rosalie Hall Finance Committee and the Marketing and Fundraising Committee.


Stephen WardStephen Ward
Member at Large

Stephen has had a long association with Rosalie Hall and the Misericordia Sisters.  His association with the agency has always been motivated by a desire to provide a supportive environment for young women as they rise to the challenges of raising their children in difficult circumstances.  He brings 40 years of business/engineering experience to the Board.  He applies analytical skills to assisting the agency to meet its their service and financial obligations.

Stephen enjoys sailing, photography and spending lots of quality time with his grandchildren.

Stephen is a member of the Rosalie Hall Finance Committee.


Kirsten KochelKirsten Kochel
Member at Large

Kirsten wanted to be part of something that supported young people and children, and when she read Rosalie Hall’s mission and vision, she knew she was aligned. Kirsten is inspired by the scope of programs and services offered by the agency and the staff who care so much about their clients. 

Kirsten is a Human Resources professional with over 15 years’ experience.  She is passionate about ensuring employees are engaged in the work they are doing. People spend more time at work than with their families and it's important that they are engaged in their workplace.

In her free time, Kirsten loves to hike, run, bike, and spend time with her niece and nephew.

Kirsten is a member of the Rosalie Hall Human Resources Committee.


Rosita BacchusRosita Bacchus
Member at Large

Rosita was attracted to Rosalie Hall’s faith-based legacy.  The agency’s mission statement and values align with her personal values.  She has a strong commitment to social justice, diversity, and inclusion.  She is an educator at heart and loves teaching and working with diverse populations. She works for a non-profit organization addressing issues of literacy.  Rosita has a strong desire to ensure relevant programs and services are available, and that clients are supported to navigate systems for their own success.

Rosita loves people and learning, particularly about various cultural experiences and expressions.  She is an avid sewist, knitter and reader and enjoys playing the piano and listening to music.

Rosita is a member of the Human Resources Committee. 


Dagmar TeubnerDagmar Teubner
Committee Member

Dagmar’s association with Rosalie Hall began more than 15 years ago when a Board member encouraged her to become a Director.  During her association with the agency, she has developed a deep affection for its legacy and a profound respect for its work. 

Dagmar brings wealth of professional qualification to her role.  She is both a lawyer and a chartered accountant.  Because of her extensive experience in real estate development, she is able to provide oversight of all aspects of facilities maintenance.  She has frequently leveraged her professional network for the benefit of agency operations.  As a Director and Treasurer of the Rosalie Hall Foundation Board, she acts as a liaison between the two entities.

Dagmar is passionate about her horses and dogs and is involved in a leadership capacity in several organizations dedicated to equestrian and canine welfare.  She is an active community volunteer.

Dagmar is a member of the Rosalie Hall Human Resources Committee.


Jane Kenny, Executive Director (ED)Jane Kenny, Executive Director (ED)
Ex-Officio Member

Jane is a Registered Nurse and is currently the Executive Director.  She joined the Rosalie Hall team in 1994, as a volunteer and then in 2011, moved into a staff position as the Director of Programs and Mission. She has been the ED since 2014. Jane is responsible for the overall administration and direction of Rosalie Hall’s Operations and Clinical Services.

Jane has over 30 years’ experience in the health care and social service sectors focusing on women’s and children’s health issues including examining stigma and the impact of mental health. Her work within the hospital setting focused on program development and the introduction of enhanced levels of service for compromised infants, development of comprehensive approach to family centered care and baby-friendly initiatives. 

She worked as a staff nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto and at the Hospital for Sick Children. Jane’s work in the community mental health system supported planning, service development and service resolution for the Children’s Mental Health sector in Toronto.  She is active in the Ontario Association of Young Parent Agencies and sits on the Board of Directors for Safeguards Training for Children and Adults. 

Jane holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science Degree in Community Health Nursing and Public Policy.

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